Travelling light

Now I have always been a firm believer in travelling light. I abhor the thought of lugging a big luggage when travelling. Given my small stature, I already know the limitations of my strength and patience. I am not an ant – I was not meant to carry weight that is half my body weight! So, I used to shake my head at the ladies who pack everything apart from the kitchen sink.
Almost every year I go to my BFF’s home during her birthday week. A decade ago, I was able to put all my stuff for 1 week in a rucksack. Pick and go; that was my style.
Fast forward 10 years and I am doing the same journey yet My bags seem to have multiplied!
I have a reasonable sized body bag that is filled with my gadgets, a heavy holdall, a bag to hold my two pair of shoes ( two pairs in addition to the pair I am currently wearing! Really?) and toiletries, and a paper bag of chocolates. The last one is not too bad as the chocolates are for my godchildren except for one bar that I claimed as my own.
When did I transform into one of those ladies who pack everything bar the kitchen sink? When did it become necessary for me to have different footwear for a different outfit? It used to be that my trainers were my go-to- shoes all the time. More importantly, when did it become necessary for me to have a battery bank?!
I guess, I must have grown up over the years. They say only change is constant in this world.
The only reason that I am complaining right now is because my shoulder is hurting from my body bag. I think my superduper battery bank is too heavy. I need to buy a smaller one!
There’s that word again. The cause of my not travelling light anymore – Need!
That chocolate brownie in the picture ?That is the one that has my name on it, It will be travelling in my tummy soon



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