I have been meaning to take a nap this afternoon but as usual sleep eludes me when I desire it. I decided to go down memory lane instead by reviewing my pictures and those of my friends. I am indeed blessed to have known good friends although distance has physically separated some of us. As I watch the pictures depict the  passage of time, I made a mental note of bridges between me and my friends.

Whether intentional or not, we make bridges each time we meet new people. Some of these bridges we may decide to frequent a lot and some not so much. It is the thought of the less frequented bridges that held my imagination. Bridges that connect us to friends that we less talk to or see still exist in the recesses of our minds. But do these bridges fall down if left alone after eons? Or do these bridges, no matter how rickety they may be, will still allow us to pass through when needed?

I guess,just like real bridges in our physical world,  friendship bridges can survive the passage of time depending on its foundation. There are indeed friends who will always remain close to your heart even if you only get to talk to them once or twice a year. There are also those bridges that we may pass often but can easily fall down because it wasn’t made of strong materials. Alas, there are also some bridges that we have decided to put a torch to and decided too that we shall never pass this way again. Though I have never burned a bridge down before, it pains me to thinkof possible reasons that could lead to this decision. The ulitmate betrayal of a friend?What would be this betrayal be? Would it be like the kiss of Judas? or even the denial of Simon Peter of Jesus? or the breaking of one of the ten commandments? These are drastic examples of the ultimate betrayal, yet bridges are burned for less drastic reasons.  But perhaps it is easier to burn a bridge down when the friend it connected to didn’t mean that much to you, when the friendship was superficial in the first place or when it was all a pretense.

Maintaining friendships, just like real bridges, do take hard work, real dedication and the conviction that they are worth keeping in good shape.Nobody said that it would be easy but it would be worth it in the end. But I would also like to caution those who are holding torches in their hands, think hard before you burn that bridge down for you may be led by life and fate to pass through that way again.


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