If The Shoe fits


Cinderella has her glass slippers, Dorothy has her ruby shoes ( silver- if we go by the novel) and Imelda Marcos has her roomful of shoes. Women, by nature love shoes and I am no exception.
I do not have a room full of shoes, a magical pair of shoes to take me home by clicking them together nor a pair that will help me cinch my Prince Charming. I do, however, have a crammed shoe rack that is begging to be offloaded. I even have a few choice pairs hidden in a cupboard in my bedroom and a bagful of winter boots up in my attic. Most women can relate to my ‘shoetuation’ whilst men probably are flabbergasted at my description. Thankfully I do not have the expensive taste of Carrie Bradshaw who favours Manolo Blahnik. But I do not buy cheap pairs either though lately I am trying my best to buy during sale time.
I have a tiny woman’s feet : size 3. This makes it easier to buy during Sale time ( if I got the patience for it) or even go to the children’s department. (I am doubtful, however, that the sequined sparkly girls shoes will look right with my party dresses.) Whilst my feet are small, they are also wide so not all brands suit with my feet. I have now sworn off completely shoes from Clarks after having bought three pairs that caused pain and blisters. First time I bought from them, I thought I was just unlucky with the style. The second time was me trying to convince myself that I can find the right pair just like my friends did. The third time? That was just me being obstinate at the expense of my feet. I finally learned my lesson and decided never to buy from them. Thankfully on the third occassion a good friend of mine exchanged shoes with me as I was already limping.
Despite my awkward shoe fitting, I still managed to accumulate several pairs of shoes over the years. The irony of it all? I mostly use only 5 pairs of all my footwear. My most used pair will be my duty shoes, followed by my trusty ankle boots that I wear with my office clothes, then my trainers for running, then my heeled sandals for my girly outfits and lastly my flat pump which I acquired recently. Given my stature, I wear mostly shoes with heels. I only got flats recently as I am no longer able to walk or dance in heels for more than 7 hours. The rest of the pairs? They are for special occasions as my outfit would demand but even then I have my go-to- strappy shoes as well.
Just this week, I had to buy another pair of pumps. I was going away to visit my best friend and her family for a few days. The plan was to go to different places and I was unsure how much walking it would entail. I already got my trusty boots on to go with my skinny jeans, and got a pair of sandals for my dresses. I was unwilling to bring trainers as they simply won’t go with the clothes I was bringing. My only pair of pumps unfortunately were left in my office. I forgot to bring them home. I was faced with the dilemma of needing to buy yet another pair of pumps. I am very much aware that I have no more space for another pair of shoes . If I go to the office, I am pretty sure I will get involved in things even when I am on annual leave. So, I went to Marks and Spencer and got the last pair of size 3 pumps they have.
It was fortunate that I got that pair of pumps as on our first day out we walked non stop for at least an hour.On the second day we walked the whole afternoon. I started the day with my heeled footwear then changed as the situation or terrain demanded. I would not have been able to do the walking comfortably wearing either the boots or healed sandals. I still got a blister on left feet, though, as walking nonstop is not the best way to break in new shoes.

As I am reflecting on my ‘shoetuation’ I realized that buying shoes is akin to the choices we make in life like a job or love. We may admire a beautiful pair of shoes but can only have them at great expense. We may have to sacrifice some of our needs to afford that pair of shoes. It could be that the last pair does not fit us properly but we wanted that pair so badly that we buy it anyway. The end result could be painful blisters on your feet, the shoes stretched out of their beautiful shape or the shoes are just left on the side never to be worn. This would be a pity because they could have been enjoyed thoroughly by someone else whose feet they fit perfectly. The job or the love must fit perfectly otherwise we won’t be totally be happy. Forcing ourselves into making the wrong choice just because we want to can lead to us being unhappy in our jobs and our relationships. It can make us eventually bitter and resent the choice we made. The fit must be just right.These things simply cannot be forced to fit, no matter how much we wish for it.
So only buy the shoes that really fit. My duty shoes may not be the most trendy style but they fit me perfectly and never caused me blisters. This is how a decision (e.g. love)should be- feels perfect, easy, comfortable, and won’t cause intentional pain.

So Ladies, there is no such thing as too many shoes but only go for it if the shoe fits 🙂


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