There is No Forever

I have read the caption on a meme some days ago. However, the whole thing actually says, ‘ They lied to us. There is no forever. There is only the period between hello and goodbye.’

It resonates the truth actually. No one lives forever. Who wants to live forever,anyway? Nobody has reported from beyond the grave whether we keep our consciousness when our mortal bodies die. Would we still know each other on the other side? That is why when Papa died, ‘Tears in Heaven’ seems so appropriate.

I know I am becoming nostalgic, morbid, and depressing again. It is not that I want to debunk all the promises of forever people give to each other. The point is to make the here and now count. Why wait for a special occasion to tell your mum, your dad, your sibling, or your beloved that you love them? Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Make sure that they know that you care.

What started all this? The mother of a very good friend died today and she was not able to say goodbye to her. This made me realised how important the last words spoken are because these will be what we will remember in the end. So I sent a message to my mother and told her that I love her.

There is no forever but there is the here and now so make sure it counts. Make sure you make your love known. You do not want to be talking to an empty chair in the end.

Just shout it out loud and clear, ‘I love you’. 🙂


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