Ode to the Sambag Tree

Alas, Sambag tree

Your tale of woe has reached me

You have been fell, not by foul means but by our unwilling will

A merciful cut it is said to be but cruel still

Oh Sambag tree, you’ll be forever missed

Never again shall your shade be shelter from the sun

Never again will your falling leaves be caught in childish fun

Never again will be children looking forward to your sweet- sour fruit

Never again will the maya birds’ nests on your branches hung

Oh Sambag tree, you’ll be sorely missed

Celebrate though the long years you’ve lived

Older than any other in the family

War, martial law and prosperity you’ve seen

A silent witness to all that has been

A famous landmark when our home is sought

Always we say, ‘the house with the big sambag tree’

Many times in the past we have tried to cut you

Shorten your branches we have done, do more we cannot bear

The tempest have broken a branch or so

But stood still you bore it all your years

But nature had been unkind in your old age

A colony of pest has eaten you from within

Like cancer it must have been for you

Dying slowly yet nothing you can do

An axe swung, an electric saw roared

Lo, fell the great sambag tree

A big block of you a table we’ll make

All that remains of the silent member of the family

Go then dear Sambag tree

To tree heaven there must be

Where tempest dare not shake your branches

Where pest will never reside within

You have done your job

Peace and rest you are to have

Though woe we must bear without thee

O Sambag tree, we bid thee farewell

circa: 2007 (also not sure)


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