Singleton Challenge 101

Some weeks ago, I have written a piece about a bowl of soup and my attempt to overcome the stigma of dining alone in a proper restaurant. I failed at that time due to time constraint and I lost the will to do it.

Today, as I was doing my Saturday wandering, I made up my mind to dine in a restaurant and actually enjoy my food. It would have been easy to just buy food in the market and eat with the crowd but this is important to me. Single people do get hungry and love good food too so off I went.

I went to one my favourite restaurants so I know exactly what I like to eat. This lunch time my first singleton challenge of dining alone was completed


Pad Thai and Jasmine tea… I really enjoyed both and I took my time eating my meal and drinking my tea. There was no eating-like-a-nurse who swallows her food without actually tasting it in 10-15 minutes. I made myself enjoy an hour long of lunch without chatting with friends via social media. It was about the food. image

The restaurant actually has a calm ambience and there were only a few diners with me. The music must be Thai but it was soothing enough. I even took time to really look at their decor as usually when I am here with friends I am usually busy chatting.

image image

Are those actually winged dinosaurs and flying pigs? Hahaha I must have come to this restaurant at least 10 times now but it is only now that I have noticed these.

Dining out alone is not for everybody but do try to do it once in awhile. It can be a novel experience. Just because you are eating alone it does not  means you are sad and lonely. It just means you are alone and hungry. Besides, who knows what you will discover?

Me? I have now seen flying pigs!


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