Throwing in the Towel

There are times in our lives when we are faced with what seems to be insurmountable tasks. At moments like these, we have two choices: fight or flight; hold on or let go.

I have been in situations wherein I am faced with the choice of either to hold on and keep on fighting or let go and fly as far as I possibly can. Most of the times, I can be very bull-headed and fight to the bitter end. It is very rare that I would just give up. Having been raised by a mother who expects and tells me that I can always do it, I have this inner belief that with hard work, sweat, and tears I can surpass most obstacles. When tackling a difficult situation, I always make sure that I study it at all angles and ask the help from the people who have the talents and knowledge to help resolve the situation.

If it is a situation that I am personally entrenched in and cannot figure out whether to move forward, stand still, or move away, like most people I seek guidance from friends and from divine intervention. I listen to other people as they say you cannot see the whole forest if you are standing too near to it. In the end, I will make my move based on my understanding of the situation. True to my nature, I will most likely try to stick it out, fight with everything I have, and make the situation improve for the better but sometimes the variables will be out of my control and the only option is to let go.

Holding on and letting go… Physical strength is often measured with how long you can hold on (e.g. tug of war game). Emotional strength is measured by your determination to fight in the situation but I believe it takes the same amount of emotional strength to finally let go. It takes true grit to admit defeat after pouring in all your emotions and will into a situation that will not change no matter what. It takes will power, a lot of emotional strength and faith to stop fighting, let go, and let God handle the situation.

So when faced with with a difficult situation, I say give it your all but sometimes, you just need to know when to throw in the towel.


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