The Burnt Pizza

Saturday is usually my ‘wandering day’ but as I had a ‘wandering week’ this week, I have decided to stay in this morning. True to my nature, ( a diehard multitasker) I decided to cook 3 things at the same time, listen to my music, remove my nail polish and try to finish reading a novel on Kindle. In between all these, I also managed to wash the things I used for cooking, drink my superfood smoothie and eat half a grapefruit. A typical morning of a singleton who wants to get things done in the morning so I get time to do other things later – places to go, people to see.

It was actually going very smoothly that I was starting to impress even myself. Sitting by the window with the sun shining on my face, upbeat music playing to get me psyched for the day and getting engrossed into what I was reading … Perfect Saturday morning, right? Then I remembered that I actually still have my homemade healthy pizza, stuffed pepper and hot chicken wings in my oven! I checked them and they were still perfect so I turned off the oven but decided to leave them for another 5 minutes in the oven. I picked my Kindle again and carried on reading for the next 15 minutes. By the time I opened the oven door, smoke was coming out. Lo and behold, I now have a half burnt pizza!

I could be angry with myself for burning the pizza but what good would it do? Why make a little thing ruin a beautiful morning? Besides, the other half is still edible and tabasco sauce makes everything taste great. Plus, the chicken wings and stuffed pepper did not get burnt.

I always try to see a half filled glass as half full. Being optimistic makes it possible to see beyond the lines and outside the box. Besides, Life is never perfect ( it will be pretty boring if it is). There will be always be ‘burnt pizzas’ every once in a while but the main thing is to learn from the experience. Besides, I would rather be dancing than being angry .

Uhmm… Anybody want a piece of burnt pizza?



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