I just watched a Filipino film, ‘that Thing called Tadhana’. I decided to watch it because at the time it was shown in the Philippines, people were quoting things from the movie plus, I just love the word ‘Tadhana’ which means destiny in English.

I guess, me being a hopeless romantic and being where I am in my life as of the moment, just can’t help but relate to the ‘hugot lines’ in the film. (I do not know what the direct translation of ‘hugot line’).

The two characters talked mostly about destiny and love. The female lead said that it is not enough to wait for destiny to bring your ‘the one’ into your life. She said that a person needs to fight for what or who she loves. I understood where she is coming.

It is my personal belief that our destiny may have already been pre-determined even when all the main characters in our story have not arrived. However, I also believed that whilst the destination has been set, we ultimately determine how our journeys will be. Free will and all that stuff šŸ™‚

We could fight to keep people in our lives but they also need to make the decision whether to hold on to us or not. Afterall, we are all the protagonists, the main leads in our own lives.

It could very well be that there will be plot twists in our journey and life will not turn out to be what we initially planned. It could very well be that some people whom we thought to be just ‘extras’ in our lives will turn out to be the second lead afterall. I guess the important thing is to pay attention and live in the moment. It will be ultimately sad if we miss the present as we are too busy looking ahead.

Tadhana… Maybe we do have pre-determined destinies but I will make sure that I have put in the effort and fight for what and who I love so even when things do not work out as I had hoped, I can say with certainty that I gave it my all.


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