It is Not in the Title

When I try to expound on an idea.  I usually start with the title or the ending phrase. Sometimes, the title is the phrase by which I end my writing. Other times, I change the title after I finish writing.

I may start out with one idea and think that it will be presented in a certain way but sometimes my writing would meander into a different avenue. My train of thought will have a life of its own and I just let it flow to see where it takes me. I guess, life is like this. We all start out with a general idea of who we are and what kind of life we want to live. We may think that we all have it all figured out until fate throws a spanner into the mix. Our lives could sudden take a sharp turn at an angle or make a 180 degrees turn from what we thought was our goal or ideal. We change. We grow. We adapt.

It could be that we want to stay true to what we thought what our lives should be and fight to stay the same. We could resist change. We could refuse to move forward as fear has us stuck in one place. We become stagnant as we watch life passes us by. But life should be fluid. Of all the species on this earth, human kind is the one most suitable to change. It is how our ancestors survived and our descendants will continue onto the next millennia.

Change is inevitable. It doesn’t necessarily have to change your entirety but allow it to make you grow. A new experience or an unexplored avenue may actually make life more exciting and meaningful. The known truth of yesteryears need not be still be your truth tomorrow.

The title nor the ending is not what makes an essay memorable. It is how topic has been expounded and explored that makes it a worthwhile read. So, just like in writing do not get so attached to your perceived ending. Let life take you down the less ventured path every once in a while and it may just surprise you. After all, the title does not make an essay.


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