The Baking Experiment

Anybody who really knows me would tell you that I am no baker. It is not that I lack the skill nor had bad results in the past. I am a good enough cook but I have no patience for measuring ingredients hence hate the idea of baking.

When I cook, I use all my senses and a lot of gut instincts so if somebody asks me for a recipe, I won’t be able to give them the whole recipe. I season the food with a dash of this or that. I do not measure. The only reason why I am able to do it this way is that I am someone who loves her food. I always make a point of tasting food given to me so I know what it is supposed to taste like and decide whether I like it or not.

My niece once told me that she wants to be a chef but she’s very picky with her food. There are a lot of food she doesn’t want to eat. She doesn’t even try them because she is already convinced that she won’t like them. Now, I am the indulging Aunty most of the time but I have no patience for unreasonable close mindedness. I challenged her as to how does she know she won’t like it if she hasn’t even tried it. The same way I challenged her as to how she can be a chef if she doesn’t know how the food is supposed to taste like as she never tried it. I would accept that she doesn’t like the food as long as she has actually tried it. Refusal or rejection must be an informed one otherwise she may miss out on eating the food that could have been her favourite one.

I know, I know I am digressing again but I just want to lay the groundwork of how my mind works. So anyway, whilst I have no patience for measuring ingredients, I am still willing to try my hand at baking stuff ( stuff-doesn’t really give much confidence, does it?) so today I decided to do a savoury vegetarian pie. Or what is my version of a savoury pie. So with enthusiasm,that only an experiment with an unknown outcome can elicit from me, I attended to the task.
I checked the fridge for ingredients that I can throw in – Mozarella, tomatoe, pepper , kale- err no on this one as I think it would be too quirky ( i love kale – i put it into any recipe if I can get away with it) and hmm… roast chicken leftover. Just like that, my savoury vegetarian pie became a savoury chicken pie! And the pastry? Well much as I like to brag, I actually cheated and bought a ready-made one ( life’s too short and all that!) I have watched enough cooking shows to know about eggwash so I did that too. I even pre-heated the oven. ( as if!)

So with a little bit of prayer, I placed the pie in the oven. For how long? Who knows?! Well, I was just going to check on it at 10 minutes interval. The leftover eggwash? Well I added more eggs and made a vegetarian fritata – with kale this time.image
After 3 checks I have decided that it looks cooked already so I took it out of the oven. As they say, the proof is in the tasting so I cut a slice for myself and — not bad! I could probably make it look prettier next time but I am glad that I tried ‘baking’ something and it is delicious.


I will endeavour to be more patient to learn how to bake and perhaps really put more effort into it. I realised that I cannot just say ‘I do not like baking’ without really trying, afterall, it might just be a skill I can excell in. Besides, I love muffins and cookies so I might as well learn how to make them.

Now, where is that video on nutella brownies…



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