Last Sunrise


I am seated here in the dark, waiting for my favourite part of the day — Sunrise! For the past few days, I have not been able to see the sunrise due to timing. By the time the sun rises above the horizon, I am already inside a big building, going about my work. But today, I purposely got up early to wait for the sunrise.
I do not remember exactly when my love affair with the sunrise started. All I know is that I feel like I am solar- powered as i feel more energised when the sun is out. The last few days, I was pondering…What if it will be my last sunrise?
Life is unpredictable. It is impossible to plan everything as everybody has his own agenda. We do not exactly follow a script so there are times when we stray from our chosen path and may not necessarily know how to get back on track. Sometimes, we wonder if we should just carry on for a while on the wayward path as it is no longer possible to go back from where we came from. Life could be throwing things at us that it is making it almost impossible to look up and see where we are going, yet we trod on in hopes that eventually we get back to the place of light. But what if it is almost impossible to move forward? What if the amount of self-doubt and self -flagellation has incapacitated us to see beyond the darkness? What if there are no sunrises anymore?
I know my thoughts have been dark lately. It is hard to think bright happy thoughts when I am in a dark place. So this morning, I got up early to watch the sunrise. The dawn of a new day always brings me hope that after the darkness, light will fight through the dark clouds and encompass everything. There is light. There is a chance of seeing beyond the darkness. So I wait patiently in the dark. The birds are singing their melodious songs in greeting the sunrise. I wait and keep watch over the horizon. I want to see the sunrise today as it might just be my last one.


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