Ally McBeal kind of a Night

So tonight I have decided to turn the television off and put the Kindle down. I have decided to listen to music – I was deciding whether to indulge my melancholic self or put on dance songs to get me pumped instead. So in the darkness, I searched my playlist and I just seem to be swiping away the collections then I remembered … Ally McBeal! My go-to- music when I am feeling slightly down.

I rummaged through my CD collection ( Yes, I do still have CD’s) and voila! Within seconds Vonda Shepard’s voice filled my room starting with ‘Searching My Soul’. I was soon dancing to the tune of ‘It is in his kiss’ then become slightly melancholic with ‘I only Want to be with you’. This is one soundtrack that I normally ‘dance-it-out’ when life stops making sense.  Listening to the sound track of Ally McBeal is like riding a roller-coaster with all the dips and highs the songs take me.

I know that the main protagonist of this series is slightly neurotic despite being an intelligent woman, perhaps, this is the reason I liked it. I could relate to her being silly and being hopelessly clueless when it comes to the matters of the heart. I guess, most women go through periods of being clueless, stupid, or worse, slightly neurotic at least once in her life. Well, the series did have some following for 5 years so there must be more of us who identified with the hapless-in-love lawyer. Oh I know that some feminist would protest that Ally McBeal does not represent the female population. I agree with that notion actually but I also agree that the character, though in somewhat exaggerated manner, does reflect the times when we veer on the edge of being neurotic. I had a talk with a colleague about dating and how she doesn’t want to go back to the times of waiting by her phone wondering whether her man will call or not. That was a revelation to me because here is a confident attractive woman who experienced the same feelings as I did. Hallelujah! I must be normal then!

I still have the soundtrack ongoing now as I tapped away on the keyboard. It might not necessarily the soundtrack of my life but I like to think that just like Ally, I will surpass the dips in my life and eventually reach my highs. Life is indeed a roller coaster so I might as well enjoy the ride for I may never pass this way again.

Current song right now?  ‘Tell Him’. Time to dance again, I reckon. 🙂




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