The Elusive Winged Eyeliner


Ah, the elusive winged eyeliner…No, this is not a mythical creature akin to the Yeti or Big Foot but with my failed attempts to perfect it, it might as well be an animate mythical creature.  It is the make-up trend these days that has held my fascination for some time now. (Amazing what boredom can do!)

I learned about putting on make-up by observing my Mama and my sisters. I did not watch with rapt attention though. I was not a very girly girl growing up and I was also a late bloomer, so I wasn’t that interested. The most I had on was just a bit of lipstick and only because it was required of us as nursing students during rotation (thanks, Sir Jerry!). I was not that keen on eyeliners as I fear I might poke my eye. Besides, if there was an occasion or party that I need to go to, my Mama would have a make-up artist do a house call. But I am now in UK and it would be pricey to have a make-up artist come to my flat so I need to learn. Sixteen years on and I am still no master on applying make-up.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I were discussing our amazement that some of the new Filipino nurses come to work with full make up on. We were amazed because a. What time do they get up to have time for make-up? And b. the expertise by which their make-up were applied. One of my friends said that she would like to learn how to do the ‘winged eyeliner’ and I said that we can just google how to do it.

I was not that keen on the winged eyeliner but it was a challenge I want to take on. I thought,’heck, I can draw, how hard can it be? right?’ Well, life does have ways to ground me down— hard! First, I tried with a pencil eyeliner. Ouch! No, I did not poke my eye but it was painstakingly difficult. Perhaps it was because I only used my old eyeliner pencil ( used to shape my eyebrows before) which was already 16 years old. Second attempt was when a friend and I sat in the stall of Benefits make-up in Westfield and had their sales representatives try their products on us. I got convinced buying their gel eyeliner. Of course my winged eyeliner was good as it was applied by someone used to doing it. The moment I got home, I tried to do it myself. Guess what? I was rubbish at it! My hand was not at the correct angle and I cannot make both sides symmetrical. The kicker? It was difficult to remove too. Some of the eye make-up removing cream got into my eye which blurred my vision temporarily. Great! In addition to my frustration at my ineptness at the task, I now have the fear of going blind from my sheer stubbornness. Perhaps, this should have discouraged me but as per my character, I can be very bullheaded. Third attempt… Yesterday, I decided to buy a liquid eyeliner as I am convinced I will be better with it. I decided to watch more YouTube videos on how to do the task. The millennials learn from them so surely, so can I. Yesterday for the third attempt at doing the winged eyeliner, I tried the liquid eyeliner. My hand was not as steady as I would have liked and my stroke was tentative hence it was not a very good result but better compared to the gel eyeliner. Fourth attempt… This afternoon, I tried doing the winged eyeliner again and I was satisfied with the results that I actually went out with it on. It did not have bold angled wings but just a little flick.
I got home this evening feeling chuffed at my beginner’s skills then I realized that my eyes are already big enough that I do not really need to make them bigger with winged eyeliner. Oh well, at least I learned a new skill and just in case I need to have bigger more alive eyes, I will continue practicing.

Here’s hoping I won’t go blind from my sheer stubbornness. Hmmm… My eyebrows could do some work, better check on YouTube 🙂





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