Team Sawi’s Survival Guide on V-day



And just like that, one of the most famous Hallmark holidays ( bitter much?) is upon us. Those of us with single status will have to take a deep breath and wait patiently for the day to finish.

‘Sawi’ is a Tagalog word refers to the brokenhearted or unlucky in love. On the day which celebrates romantic love, us, Singletons will have bear with good humour all the smugness and happiness of the lovey-dovey people.

Now, Valentine’s day never used to bother me. As a young adult, I always had my friends with me and we all go on out on our pre or post Valentine dinner. As an independent single here in UK, I was not a singleton for most of the times. Though the Ex used to complain that it is but a Hallmark holiday, I still get flowers, Chocolates and the lovey-dovey texts. However, two years ago my own ‘concious uncoupling’ happened so after seven years of being a part of a double act, I have to fend today on my own. Last year’s Valentine’s day did not count as I was still too busy getting my health back in order. So, this is the first Valentine’s day after a long while that I am very conscious of being a singleton.

So, apparently today could go in three ways: a. Be bitter and unhappy for being on your own and the onslaught of all love-in-the air bombardment you will see on your social media, b. Call all your single friends and have a good old time commiserating each other and c. Treat it like any other Sunday. The third is a little hard to do especially if you are well connected through social media.

I decided to go by the fourth option. Life will always be different for each of us. So I have accepted I am where I am supposed to be. There was no mad scramble on online dating sites just so I won’t be alone today. Today is but a day but a soulmate is for a lifetime so it cannot be rushed. I also accepted that there will be times today or in the near future that I will have bouts of sadness for the Sawi moments but at the same time I accept that these moments will eventually pass… that in time, I will laugh at the silliness of it all. I also decided to treat today as any Sunday as tomorrow is a working day. The ironing and cleaning still need to be done so I can’t wallow for long in my bouts. I will eat what I want, not the pambansang ulam of ampalaya, but food that will satisfy my cravings. I will enjoy my flowers (bought 3 days ago because I like flowers) not because today is V-day but because I actually love flowers.

So, to those Singletons, despair not for today ,afterall, is only 24 hours. Our lives and essence are not defined by our status today. Be happy for those in loving relationships… Be happy for those enjoying being on their own… Be supportive of those having their sad moments but most of all, try to be happy with yourself.

So this is how a couple of hours of my day went today…

Happy Valentine’s day to all  ❤ ❤ ❤


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