Unpaired Socks


I am sure I am not alone in this phenomenon. I place into the washing machine a laundry load with paired socks (or so I thought) but when it comes to putting away the laundry I end up with unpaired socks. I checked the washing machine and the laundry basket but the missing socks will never be there. Where do the other socks go?

I am always optimistic so I would keep the unpaired socks and hope that in the next laundry the other socks will turn up. Tonight, I decided to get the bundle of socks and try to pair them up. Yet I still ended up with 9 unpaired socks. Most of them are black but there is a difference in the patterns or texture. I could just pair them randomly as long as they are of similar colours, afterall crazy unpaired socks are trendy these days but I cannot bring myself to do it. I would know the difference.

As today is V-day and I am listening to my playlist of love songs, my hopeless-romantic -introspective -self started thinking. What if we all started out as paired socks? What if when our names were being listed in the great book above before we were born, we were already paired up? What if on our way down to Earth to our mortal bodies, one partner has lost his way that he ended up so far away from his intended pair that he has forgotten about her and can no longer find his way to her? What if he has settled to pair up with a similar yet unpaired person who has also lost her partner? What if, just like the unpaired socks that i have held onto for a long time, the intended partner cannot be found? What if just like I am thinking now ( throwing away the unpaired socks) the unpaired person will decide to just give up? What if…

It is incredible how much introspection and questions my unpaired socks conjured. In the end, they are but unpaired socks that are taking space in my sock box and have not been used for a long time. I guess the time has come to decide whether to throw them out or not. Oh well, let me fold some more laundry and listen to some more music then I will decide.

Much ado about unpaired socks šŸ˜„



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