Princess and the Fortress

Up on the fortress, The Princess stands

Scanning the horizon with hope

Willing the champion to finally appear

Astride on a horse with intent

Challenge the dragon down below


Oh many times, a champion came

Poke the dragon but run in flames

Climb the fortress but stop midway

Challenge too high and Princess remain unseen

Down the windy road Champion and Horse went

To the sunset and never again to be seen
Princess stood on high

Surely the real champion will be by

Time and tiredness meant naught

As she kept her eyes trained

Sighs on wings of prayer sent

For ears to hear her fervent wish
Dear Champion where art thou

Will you ever find this way?

Dragon is but one obstacle

The climb will prove if you are true

Dear Champion here I await

Will you take me off the fortress built?
So still the Princess stood

On top of the fortress without stairs

Looking for the shadow in the sun

For her champion to come

Willing her champion to find her

Up on the fortress where she waits


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