To Love or Not To Love

To love or Not to Love

A question raised

A thought to ponder

Exposing self to possible hurt

Or taking first step to happiness?

Is ego more important than love?

Would you risk letting the one go?

Stay inside your walled self and watch

Love and chance sought and promised

Wasted because fear ruled

If choice has to be had then I say, friend

Choose love, always choose love

Actions can convey what eyes silently say

Acts of care and thoughtfulness count

But work up the courage to say it loud

Even if answer is not rightly forthcoming

Now may be the last chance to say

‘I love you’

Before love passes you by

To love or Not to love

Is not a question nor a choice

It is either one or the other

Take the chance no matter the stakes

Because love will always be right



Black, brown, green, blue

Eyes I have seen before

Some kindly, some in mirth

On a friend and on a foe

Laughing, sad, and surprise

Emotions seen through them all

Lips may lie but eyes cannot deny

Truth and feelings revealed like mine

Oh but what depth do I see

When I look into your pair of blues

Searching for the soul in me

Then I know there’s just you