Ah Valentine’s day…again!

Having had only 4 hours of sleep last night and worked nonstop from7:30am to 20:00 today, I should be hitting the sack right now but… It is Valentine’s Day tomorrow but the hopeless (or hopeful as my friends insist that I should be) romantic in me insists on penning my thoughts. 

As I sit hear letting my fingers run over the keyboard, I am wondering what my mood in this piece should be. Shall I be bitter, exasperated as title seems to imply? Or should I stick to character and remain to be the optimist who believes in love?

Who am I kidding? Valentine’s day is a big deal for our family. I still remember the little heart lockets that our parents gave to us. I remember the gold  bracelet that Papa gave Mama with little hearts on it. We always make a point of having a special dinner on the day as whether at home or restaurant. Yep!We are a family of hopeless romantics. 

I think Valentines day is a big day in the Philippines. When I was in college, our barkada will always go for a pre or post Valentines outing. Even when my friends have their boyfriends – we adopted them to our group and bring them along too. I never felt alone during Valentines season because I was surrounded by friends and family who love me. 

So nowadays… well… earlier this evening when a colleague mentioned that it is actually Valentines’ day tomorrow, I replied ‘Bah! Humbug!’ But nothing can be further from the truth. In fact to unwind this evening, I actually baked my healthy muffins with heart designs. Whilst I might not have a Valentine tomorrow, I am more than happy to watch and immerse in the exchange of love by everybody else. 

So Happy Valentines’ day my friends and family. May your every day be filled with love. Remember to say ‘I love you’ – not only tomorrow but everyday as every single day should be a celebration of love. 


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