Cold Embrace

There was this promise implied

At the start of this week

Sunshine and bright skies

Warmth that was slipping in

I embraced your promise with joy

My heart giddy with the thought

The usual armour have been shed

Caution thrown in favour of your word

Yet, last two days warmth was gone

Confused and shivering, I was wondering

Was all my trust for naught?

Have you decided to take away the warmth?

Do I put my heavy armour back on? 

Do I let myself become wary and cautious?

Coccoon myself from your indifference? 
Should  accept your temperament and fickleness?

Should I shiver in unfounded hope and wait
That your warmth will embrace me again

Fill my world with blue skieas and blooms

Oh, Spring, I implore  please do stay with me

And do not abandon me in this cold embrace


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