Mother’s day

This morning, I remembered you in the middle of brunch. A mother and her daughter (around the same age as we would have been) were seated beside me. The daughter asked the waiter for extra plate and cutlery as they were going share their food. Suddenly the image of us sharing food especially the large American portions come to mind. Right there and then a big wave of grief hit me and I remembered… tomorrow’s Mother’s day in the UK. 

I am now convinced that grief is a living thing that hibernates but every once in a while it wakes up and decides to run its claws on my heart and soul. I blink back the tears and was thankful instead that I had the best mother for me and my sisters. The reason that your absence is profoundly felt is that your presence was a big part of our lives. 

So for those of you who still have your mothers, make sure that you spoil them and let them know how much you love them tomorrow and every day. Do not put it off until there will be no more answer on the other side of the phone or the chair remains empty. 

Last night, after watching Beauty and the Beast, a small moth kept trying to land on me but I shooed it away. I remember now that in our culture, a moth is considered a representative of our departed loved one. Was that you, Mama? I also remembered last night that when the cartoon version of Beauty and the Beast came out in the cinemas, I watched it with Mama. I fleetingly thought last night that Mama would have liked the live version too. 

Whether our cultural belief is true or not, one thing is for sure, I am grateful for having a loving, generous, and supportive Mama. Happy Mother’s day, Mama. I will love you always and forever. 


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