The colour of You

Whilst most kids will be gravitating towards either blue or pink as part of culturally accepted gender stereotyping, I preferred neither and was more than happy to like their combination colour –  Purple! (guess I was already stubborn and a rebel even then) Though I can never carry clothes coloured purple, lilac or violet as they drain my colour, my favourite things will be a shade of purple. My favourite ice cream is Ube and it is coolured purple too.  My favourite beddings was one with purple hearts on it. And yes, I love the song Purple Rain too.

Then I became a teenager and my colour preferrence changed to red. I cannot remember whether it was a conscious decision but my eyes always stray to anything red. It has cone to a point that one of my close friends would exclaim, ‘Red again?!’ each time I hold a top or dress coloured red. Currently, my phone case is red ( and it is not the first time) and my tablet cover is also red. My winter coat is red – for which I have been called ‘Nona of the North’. So if you ask me now what my favourite colour is, my automatic answer will be red!

Going through my drawers and my recent clothes purchases, I noted a trend and a shift in the spectrum! I have more navy blue new tops and dresses than red! It got me thinking – Have I switched yet again? I now have to make a conscious check before purchasing anything that it is not in blue again! Perhaps, the change has something to do with the fact that I wear red at work all the time so I cannot be wearing same colour outside of work too. Then again, I like blue skies, blue flowers, blue eyes, etc.,

I guess our colour choices and any choice for that matter will be fluid and variable with time. Our experience and interactions will influence our preferrences. What was true 10 years ago may no longer be true today. As our Social Studies teacher told us in 2nd year high school, ‘the only constant in this world is change’.

So I am not going to sweat it that my wardrobe is now mostly blue. Who knows? I might decide tomorrow that green will be my favourite colour. Life is full of colours anyway and there is no rule that says to choose only one.


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