The Game

There is a game, so I am told

That people play in love

Do it well and you’ll win

What are the rules, I ask

Go hot and cold

Let them wait and stew

Be mean to keep them keen

To always keep the upperhand

Being earnest is a big no

Don’t show how you feel
Keep your cards close to your heart

Or else out in the cold you go

But I am inept in this game

Taught as a child to love without care

Show love and care sincerely

Be bold , say it loud

When heart is bursting

Patience, tolerance,  kindness , comfort

Thoughtfulness, faithfulness, and generosity

Ways to show love and care

In books  and I hold these ideal

In real life, it makes one a fool

Wearing heart on your sleeves

Does not make you win hearts, it seem

It makes you lose each time

Hurt, unloved,and unwanted is all there is

For one who does not know how to play

The game


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