That moment…

That moment…

When you wake up with a full heart

When you realised you’ve fallen 

When you decided to accept the unexpected love

When you finally see the colours of the rainbow

When your smile reaches your eyes and heart

When you conciously love anyway despite it all

When your souls recognise each other

When your thoughts clicked without being spoken

When smiles and mirth happen spontaneously

Then that moment happens…

When you learned that your efforts are unnoticed

When you understood your invisibility and muteness

When your words were of no consequence

When you are bottom of the list

When your presence is no different than your absence

When your pain has silenced your spirit

When you walk away and no one holds on

When your tears drown your laughter

When your heart can no longer hold on hope

When you think of letting go and walking away

When you are asking yourself

Is now that moment?


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