Of Butterflies and Love


The moment our eyes meet

When our fingertips touch

When your foot playfully taps mine


When you ask me to stay a little longer

When we both smile slowly

When a lingering fragrance stays on


But butterflies have wings

They fly off and disappear

Fleeting moment neededto hold on


Choosing to know you more

Wanting to be with you at all times

Missing you when you are not here


Seeing perfection with flaws

Understanding differences and simitarities

Willingness to go the distance


Steadfast, reliable, patient, true beyond doubt

Remembering and thinking despite distance and time

Waiting faithfully for my butterfly




Eyes closed in sleep’s embrace

Take me into a place of love

Where laughter and birdsongs tinkle

Where happiness can be found

Then you showed that life can be dreamlike

Where eyes are wide open 

Where smiles and dreams can be done by two

But time ran out and so did you

Left dreaming alone with my eyes open

Yet not willing to dream on my own 

Entreaties went unheeded

I called to you to stay and dream together

But push you’ve done

Enough! Not worth your time

Not what you are looking for

So close my eyes with tears still streaming 

Willing myself to slumber

Perhaps, I can hold you again

In my dreams